“Sharon provided her expertise during a most difficult time for my family and me. When both my grandmother and father passed away and it was necessary to sell the home, I called Sharon. It was one of the few things I did right during that time. Sharon had the home marketed and showings scheduled very quickly. Not only was she fast and efficient, but she showed caring and compassion. She seemed to know that handling an estate was a huge strain on us. Because of this, she took that weight off our shoulders and moved quickly. The home sold in very short time and my family and I were able to take care of things and try to move on. Sharon didn’t just sell a house. She eased a lot of pain. I just can’t thank her enough.

-Toni Davidson

“Sharon, Mike Roth told me that his house sale finally got closed. In light of all the problems, especially the financing and the deadlines, the deal would have never been completed without your extra-ordinary effort. GREAT JOB, WELL DONE!!

-Attorney Phil Steele

“Sharon is extremely helpful guiding me through the paces. Sharon took care of every detail with extreme efficiency. How can you improve perfection?”

-Jeannie Anderson

“Sharon is Fantastic! Wish we could clone her.”

-Max and Lori Stark

“I would recommend Sharon to anyone because she is #1 in my opinion – a real pro! She listened to me and heard what I had to say. The ability and reputation of Sharon Esslinger as a professional Realtor, who gets the job done – always and properly.”

-Martin Conway

“Honest and sincere best describes Sharon Esslinger. We thank her very much”

-Jerry and Janice Viernow

“Personalized service and care is what Sharon Esslinger gave to us. She kept us informed of where we were during the transaction process. I would strongly recommend Sharon to others.”

-Shane Kazubowski

“We appreciate everything you did for us, and yes, we will recommend you to anyone we hear of in Illinois that may want to sell their property. Have a good summer and take care, we are VERY happy that you are our Realtor.

-William & Cheri White

“Sharon is very personable and professional. Sharon really works to be as available as possible. We have suggested her to others. Your company has a true winner! We were looking for a place on the Mississippi 7 years ago and we kept seeing Sharon’s name. We contacted her and she was accommodating. She sent papers, picture, met us at our convenience due to our distance of travel. She came prepared, maybe over prepared because we looked at a cottage, more than we planned on spending, but she thought would be more to our liking. After several viewings of lesser cabins, she really gave thought to what we might match up to and she was RIGHT. She is not a pressure to buy person, but really prepared. She continues to acknowledge us every year. She works with and for you. To your company, I would suggest that you get more Sharon Esslinger.”

-Mary Zinanni

“Sharon took care of the small stuff for us, and saved us a lot of leg work. We would recommend Sharon to anyone”.

-Gary and Sally Knutsen

“We had the good fortune to acquire the services of Sharon Esslinger. Our time was limited, but Sharon had wisely many properties for us to appraise. Needless to say with Sharon’s experience and direction we found our future home. This happened at the time Sharon had some health problems, but insisted to continue and fulfilled what she felt were obligations. Sharon is a very dedicated, honest, reliable, and caring person. In today’s rush-rush world and I don’t give a damn attitude it must be a pleasure to have a person of this caliber on your team.”

-C. R. Woodward

“We want to thank you for all the work you did for us. You did a great job!!!! I do not always feel comfortable around some real estate people, but you were honest, helpful, and on top of things. If we can ever do anything for you or your family, please let us know”

-Bob and Kathy Johnson

“Sharon is personal and goes above and beyond her call of service”

-Greg and Teresa Bell

“Sharon provides excellent service. She knows what she is doing!”

-Art and Lavelle Stamey

“Sharon is very professional and pleasant to deal with. Sharon sold our home and has shown us others to purchase. In the sale of our home she had knowledge of how to get the job done and knows the area. We liked the way that she advertised.”

-Bryon and Sarah Powell

“I just wanted to send you this small note to thank you for all you’ve done for me. You helped me in many ways both professionally and spiritually. Thank you for all your compassion, understanding, and helpfulness. If anyone ever needs a Realtor, I will definitely recommend your services. With Sincere appreciation!”

-Katie Westmorland

“Sharon was always available to answer questions or help in other ways, day or night. She is very knowledgeable”

-Dorothy Hays

“She does a great Job. She had everything ready to sign, all I did is go in and sign. Sharon works very hard and keeps us very informed” -Brian and Tina McNamara

“Sharon was wonderful. She is very knowledgeable”

-Sam and Kim Fein

“I would recommend Sharon Esslinger to anyone. I contacted Mel Foster Co. because Sharon is a Realtor that a great amount of experience.”

-Jamie Child

“Sharon sold us our house and was our first choice to handle the sale of a relative. Sharon was in constant contact by email and was very helpful to answer a lot of questions we asked and answered very knowledgeably. Sharon Esslinger is an agent that knows no sleep – she works so hard for you it almost makes you feel guilty”

-Sandi Drescher

“Sharon is very helpful and attentive. She helped us find the loan officer and gave us the numbers for the utilities. Sharon went above and beyond her job to help us. Not only did she help us find the perfect house, she was very kind and patient with our children. I’ve already recommended her to my parents who are selling their house.”

-Danny and Mindy Warren Jr.

“We would recommend Sharon. She provided excellent service and we had a very quick closure.

-Dennis and Vicki Patterson

“Sharon was very professional and pleasant. Sharon’s location and knowledge of the area and that she advertised a lot in that area.”

-Byron and Sarah Powell

“Sharon supplied efficient knowledge consistently without fail. She was patient with my decisions and allowed me to make them without prejudice. Sharon patiently waited for me to find “MY HOUSE” and never lost interest in me or my family’s needs. She was professional and a true asset in buying my home. It was a pleasure knowing someone who was detailed to a fault and the one representing me. Essentially the worry and aggravation was non-existent”

-Duane and Subrena Hunter

“Sharon took care of all the legwork and small details. Sharon is a pure professional and a real person. Very honest, helpful and knowledgeable. We found Sharon to be the best Realtor we have ever worked with. She helped us in every way possible to make selling/buying less stressful. She’s very personable, and knowledgeable and we will contact her for any real estate transaction we may have in the future. If all Realtors were like Sharon, Mel Foster would be the top company in the country.”

-Terry & Sue Fischer

“I would recommend Sharon and use her again in the future because we were kept informed. She answered all of questions as soon as possible”

-Dick and Arline Duty

“Sharon sold our home in 2 days. She has excellent knowledge and helpful”

-Dennis and Dorothy Anderson

“Thank you again for all of the work you did for us and getting us into our new home by Christmas. We thank you VERY much.”

-Jim and Sheryl Gardner

“Sharon is very professional and helpful. She even stayed late to meet with us and faxed paperwork to me as I was out of town on business when we tried to close. We were completely satisfied with Sharon. She puts in the extra effort above and beyond what would be expected to make our first home purchase come true.”

-Justin & Jackie Benningfield

I wanted to thank you for everything you did, as well as your patience with me during the sale of my home. Janelle and I both felt so at ease with the whole process. Working with you on a personal basis, shows to me why you have such a high client base. You put so much care and detail into my transaction, that it makes me want to send even more people to you that are looking for homes. I know that you will take care of them just as much. Once again, thank you for everything, and I always look forward to talking with you.

-Marty & Janelle Fratzke

We want to thank you for the beautiful plant you sent today! I was feeling a little down, feeling overwhelmed with the holidays etc. and it really brightened my day! Thanks for the hard work you put into getting the Reynolds property sold. It was touch and go so many times wasn’t it? I remember Tim saying when we first put it on the market, “It won’t take long to sell.” But it definitely is a load off of our shoulders and we can continue with buying other rental properties and build on our retirement. So thanks again for all you did to make this a reality! We’ll hopefully bring you more business in the future! Have a great day also because you made mine!

-Tim and Julie Anderson

“Dear Sharon, as you are aware, we spent a little over four months listed with one of the biggest (if not the biggest) real estate agencies in our area. For those months, there was absolutely no activity with our home. It seemed as if this company did little advertising for our home and there was no interest from anyone in buying the property. Then we found you!!! And you turned our selling nightmare into a dream come true. You advertised and got our home out there and had many showings, not just open houses. Within just a week, you had an offer from a buyer for us!! We thank you for what you have done for us and will gladly tell anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home to contact you. We will definitely call you if at any time in the future we want to buy or sell.”

-Jeff and Roni Erickson

“As usual, Sharon, it’s our pleasure to do business with you. Thanks for bringing us a buyer so quickly!”

-Fred and Ann Cernetisch (and the cat)

“Sharon, thank you so much for the marketing and sale recently in Viola. The whole process took less than we thought and you made it easy and a pleasant experience. The professional way you handled it was the best we’ve dealt with in buying or selling a home. Nancy in your office was such a big help and so kind. Having a pet house dog made showings and open houses a little more difficult for us, but you and Nancy always gave us plenty of time to prepare. That meant a lot to us. We definitely would recommend Re/max to anyone and especially your firm, Sharon! Thanks again for doing such a great job!”

-Bob and Rita Ruggles

“Hi Sharon! Just wanted to send a friendly “hello” and tell you how wonderful we think it is that you are expanding! It’s always nice to hear from you and we think it’s just great when a smaller business can compete with the “big dogs”! As far as I’m concerned, you’re one of the best in the business and wish you all the success. I have a new computer at home now accompanied by a new e-mail address, so stick me in your book and keep me posted. Hope your holidays were enjoyable and you took a little break. (I know you’re always on the run) Our holidays couldn’t have been better!”

-Ronni Erickson

“Hi Sharon! We are getting settled in very well and we are both very happy with our new home. My daughter is enjoying the room and having a wonderful time here. Thank you for helping us find our first home. We love the house and we are very pleased how things turned out for us. Thanks!”

-Samantha Robb

“We want to thank all of you in Viola for all your support and help. We are so very happy with out new place and surroundings. It is nice being back in town and close to the kids. Thank you for the plant it was very thoughtful of you and we are enjoying it. We will keep you in mind for anyone who is selling or buying, thanks again. Have a Happy Easter and you too have a great summer. Tell Nancy “Hi” from us and that we appreciated all of her help. She is a very easy person to talk to and deal with. Thanks to All!”

-The Barton’s

“We want to thank you for everything that did for us. Thank you for your calls and kindness. I asked my mother why aren’t there more people kind like you. Thank you again.”

-Colleen Cooper

“Thank you for making the experience of buying our first home VERY easy and enjoyable. Your professionalism with a personable touch was just what we needed during this important experience in our life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having patience with our never ending list of questions. Thanks again!”

-Jan, Kim, Kaylan, Michael Rodriguez

“Just a little note of appreciation for al your work in selling my house. You did a great job and I’m very thankful, as I know you are too, that all the problems were finally resolved and it’s settled. I’m glad you could sell to people like the Heils. I hope they’ll be an asset to the community.”

-Jim & Marjorie Stephens

“Thanks so much for he nice door knocker and thank you for your help in buying he house. Truly appreciate it.”

-Dolores Lejman

“Thanks for another job ‘well done”. This one went even quicker than we anticipated.”

-Tom Stone

“Thanks for selling the house and staying in touch in the process. I would recommend you without hesitation. Thanks also, for the lovely plant. It was a pleasant surprise.”

-Ernie Zielke

“Sharon, Connie and I want to thank you sincerely for the wonderful services that you performed for us. The professionalism you displayed throughout the entire process of selling our home was wonderful. We had certain needs that prevented you to do your routine job; however, you took it all in stride and accommodated our wishes. We are truly indebted to you. We are more than happy to pass along your name to anyone that wants to buy or sell a home and tell them what a good job you did. It is not hard to pass on referrals to you. We will always think of you fondly.”

-Terry and Connie Bethel

Hello Sharon, Just a note to say, “thank you,” for the beautiful plant and the nice card we received in the mail. It was a pleasure to do business with you. I especially liked your policy of touching bases with us each week the cabin was listed. Thank you again, for everything.

-Don and Norma Anderson

I would like to thank you for the card. As far as how life is going in my new home, it’s going slowly but surely. If you remember, I live out at Shady Lakes Campground in New Windsor in the summer. I still spend about half of my time there still, which is fine for me because I can slowly buy my furniture and have all summer to get comfortable in my “new” home. You have probably drove by since I closed, and can see that the lawn is coming along nicely, after the fields of the septic were replaced. The home is working nicely for work. It only takes me 6 minutes to get to work at Roadway. The neighbors are all friendly and helpful, and made me feel welcome from the first day. I gave all of them my cell phone number so at least one of them will contact me it something catastrophic happens. I had to spend my “living room furniture allotment” on a new Deere lawn mower. Everybody tells me that the tractor has a chair and a cupholder… what else do I need! All in all Sharon, life is good. And would like to thank you for all the assistance. You and your staff went the extra mile and did a lot of extra legwork for me since I wasn’t in town to take care of business.

-Tom Ceurvorst

Dear Sharon, just a little thank you saying how much we appreciated all you did in the sale of our house. I am also very grateful for everything you did in the purchase of our new home! Your staff was very helpful in informing us of every detail along the way. Thanks so much for the beautiful plant! That was very kind of you! You are a wonderful person and agent. I would be happy to refer other people to you. Thanks again for everything!!

-Jeff and Beth Larson Family

Thank you for all that you did for us. We couldn’t have done it without you. We are getting settled in our new home and loving it, and love being near our daughter. Roy is doing well and getting stronger every day. Again, thank you. You were wonderful.

-Roy and Betty Drevland

Dear Sharon, Thank you so much for the beautiful plant. It was very thoughtful and fun to get a delivery to our new house. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We just love the house. Your hard work will never be forgotten. You were wonderful. Thank you!

-Debbie and Randy Secoy

Sharon things are going pretty darn well, and I will certainly steer anybody I know who is looking for a home your way. You guys sure helped me… and I appreciated the help very much. I will let you know when things are just about the way I want this place, and you can drop by and see my decorating skills! (Remember, I said that I wasn’t going to have any beer can towers, Nascar flags, beer signs, etc.). I was going to do it right! Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell ya that the crabgrass came in very well were they put in the septic fields. (I guess my gardening skill need a little polishing) I will try to kill it next year. Right now I am just thankful that the crabgrass is green!

-Tom Ceurvorst

Just want to tell you how much I appreciate all of your efforts involved in the sale of my residence. When a person is a thousand miles away from his property, he has to rely on his realtor to assure all the fine details are taken care of. You certainly have done so as evidenced by the mountain of E-mail messages I have between myself and your office. This has taken a heavy burden off my shoulders and made my move to Georgia a more pleasant experience. Because you and your staff are concerned with the seller as well as the buyers needs, you put a more human face on the sometimes monotonous business of property sale. Thanks to you, Nancy, Bob Rillie, his secretary Pam, and anyone else that I may have overlooked who has had a part in the sale of my property, I can now get on with my life. By the way, the flowers arrived tonight and they are appreciated very much. It’s the first time I ever received flowers from a lady!!

-Ray Tryba

Hello Sharon! My goodness, you’ve been thru a lot this year! I hope your mother is feeling better. Is she out of Peoria yet? And your Dad – everything was alright with him? So the car hit Mom’s side? Did they go to Mercer Co. Hospital or to Trinity — I don’t think that was my weekend to work. Although, the way it’s been going, I’m here most weekends on 2nds or 3rds. And after all of that you took the time to email me?!!! Sharon you are one of a kind. How I wish we had had you as our realtor through the entire process. We are lovin’ it out in Geneseo. Can’t get enough. It’s like we’ve discovered this little chunk of heaven and we don’t want to share! I’ve lived in the QC all of my life and never knew all the great things Geneseo had to offer. People are so nice. People still smile out there. I watched a funeral procession go thru town the other day and everyone on the street stopped while it went by. They don’t do that in the cities. Well, I need to go – X-rays are calling. Take care

-Terry Woodruff

Sharon, I’ve just been sitting around this past week and feeling VERY thankful at what this year has brought. I want you to know that I’m thankful for having a straight=shooter like you in my daughter’s lives. Having watched you work in your real estate career, has been quite an eye opener! I never knew how much hard work there was involved. Isn’t it funny how our lives were brought together, all those years ago, and now has been a full-circle—experience!! Remember when we were taking pictures at a school dance and you were pregnant, and, your little girl wanted to know if the loud music would hurt the baby’s ears? You were such a busy and wonderful Mom. I hope all the best for you and your loved ones.


Dear Sharon, Thank you so much for the beautiful plant for our home. It looks nice in our entryway and the boys love to touch the leave. Thanks also for such an easy home selling/buying process. You took care of everything which took all the stress off of us. I can’t believe our house sold in only a month! Must be your great advertising. And you were always so flexible about working around our schedules. It couldn’t have gone better. We are so thankful you were our Realtor. And, we enjoyed getting to know you better too! Take care!

-Brooke, Bill, Brady and Brennan Fleuette

This may seem like a very odd e-mail. My name in Ann Kerschieter, and I met you once when you showed me – with the Gauleys – the Swanson property. I am a good friend of Chris Gauley, and I know how much work you have done on her (and Neal’s) behalf. Chris has told me how often you correspond, and how you tell her everything about every showing of her house, etc. This may seem weird, but I just want to tell you that I think you are a remarkable,, fabulous realtor and person! I have a real estate sales license, for my job as an apartment manager. I go to continuing ed classes, and I hear how a lot of realtors talk about their clients. Most agree that sellers are all a bunch of nutbags and how DARE they expect feedback from every showing, blah blah… Yet, from what Chris says–you tell them details about every showing. It also seems you have been very supportive, very understanding, very helpful. Maybe it is none of my business to say all this, but you seem just fabulous to me! I know Chris will be very disappointed if you do not get to play a role in property they purchase. I hope knowing that people who don’t even KNOW you, admire you–is some small reward.

-Ann Kerschieter

Hello Sharon, this is Michael, Marcia’s husband. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sending us these listings. Marcia’s speaks very highly of you. I of course think very highly of Marcia’s intelligence and profound sense of being able to pick winners like you. I look so forward to retiring in a few months and also look forward to leaving New Jersey…the arm pit of America! With almost 30 years of working with law enforcement in this state, I’ll be happy to move out to the fresh air and country life.

-Michael Texidor

We love our new home. We have been doing a lot of painting and replacing floors, sinks, shower, etc. It’s really starting to look like our home instead of just a house. We ALL thank you so very much for everything!! We will definitely refer you to ANYONE that we know who wants to buy or sell a home. Thank you, you are wonderful!!

-Russ, Kathy, Brandon, Jessica, Ashley, and Ryan Klick

We want to tell you again how much we appreciate everything you have done for us. You really have gone above & beyond our expectations in searching for a home and also marketing and selling our house. We were both impressed with your service when you sold Mark’s house 4 years ago, and will continue to tell others about your exceptional attention. We hope that the new house will be where we stay for a long time, but if we need a realtor again we will be sure to call you! Thanks again!

-Mark & Shellie Saltzman

Sharon – Thank you for the card and remembering me – after more than 1-year’s time. It is nice to be able to think back to a place where I spent a large part of my life. Wishing you the best! Your concern far after the real estate sale is indicative of the warm and caring person that you are. -Ray Tryba
Thank you so very much. You were so wonderful to work with and got us through many bumps in the road. We appreciate you very much.

-B.J. Dowes

After pondering for a year on what to do, you made everything so easy. Selling all 3 properties for asking price in 1 week is really amazing. Thanks again. We couldn’t have done it without you.

-Mary Nice

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM WOODHULL!! We hope you, hubby, and family are all well and survived the holiday season. It appears to us that Congratulations are in order.(I’m not at all surprised.) There you go and have done it, again. “Number One Realtor IL & IA.” You are a real “Cracker Jack.” Of course, without mentioning, one hard working woman who gives a hoot, and let me tell you, it shows. Sharon, you should be very proud of yourself, as we are of you. Things are good here and hope to run into you sometime – business or otherwise.

-Dick and Lucy Krueger

Dear Sharon, Thank you for the time you have given me to answer my questions regarding real estate business. I would very much like to develop a working relationship with you. Thank you again!

-Jenni Trego

Hi Sharon, Sorry I’m so late in getting you thanked. Moving in is as chaotic as moving out. The plant you sent is absolutely beautiful and I thank you sincerely. Also thank you for all your help in getting my house sold. You really have a talent for your chosen profession.

-Pat Simpson

Dear Sharon, How thoughtful of you! Thank you for the lovely plant. I should be the one sending you a gift. You were a joy to work with. And I’m glad we met. I will always refer you if I ever know of anyone looking for an agent. Good luck to you with everything. I hope we meet again sometime.

-The Hellings